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Like venture capitalists, a Venture Entrepreneur™ seeks to advise and nurture a portfolio of small-to-medium sized companies with exceptional growth potential.

Acting on behalf of investors, shareholders, boards of directors and senior executives, Raymond F. Vennare serves as a catalyst for company formation, technology commercialization and business development. The objective is to provide independent risk assessment and strategic support in each phase of a company’s evolution from capital formation through commercialization and exit. This multi-disciplinary approach cuts across critical performance behaviors including corporate governance, product development, market assessment, competitive analysis and regulatory compliance.

The currency of a venture entrepreneur is leadership and access; the capital is experience and know-how. The intention is to go beyond the planning stage to implement the strategies and to waive a portion of the service fees for an equity position.

In so doing, a venture entrepreneur actively participates in the building of a company and represents each client as an investor and a partner.


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